Training Camps

We assist your pre-season and pre-tournament preparations by working with our agents worldwide to find the best accommodation, facilities, and conditions for teams to prepare. We can help you select the right destination and work to all types of training priorities and budgets.

Exhibition Games

Let us arrange your exhibition game, we work with you from inception to delivery, including finding the right players to suit the event, negotiating TV rights, and sponsorship. Event Sponsors can affiliate their brand with your event in order to gain access to a new or bigger audience, allowing both parties to extend their outreach to fans, partners and followers.

Commercial Tours

Commercial tours are a great way to boost your team’s presence in the right way. Maximise your commercial outreach by working with us to facilitate an outlayed plan of how your club can reap the benefits by choosing to go on a commercial tour. We work with local government departments, hotels, tourist boards, broadcasters, and security forces to ensure that your tour achieves its objectives in the targeted market.

Broadcasting Rights

Our agents will work on your behalf to secure the rights to broadcast your tournament, exhibition match, training camps and commercial tours. We have cultivated relationships with major European, Asian and African broadcasters, as well as independent production companies, which allows us to secure the best deals for our clients.

Friendly Matches

We draw on our extensive relationships within the game to arrange friendly matches between national associations or clubs. We are able to arrange friendly matches at all levels of the professional game. Friendly matches are a great way for you to try out new team combinations/positions. It’s the perfect place for teams to work on the tactical side of their game and can also assist with teams acclimatising to countries where you expect to play fixtures.


Tournaments are designed to prepare professional and semi-professional clubs for forthcoming competitions. Our tournaments can combine friendly matches with dedicated training to give your players the best possible lead up to a competitive match. Arrange a standout tournament with us and bring high profile teams to an arena to boost your profile. We also organise showcase tournaments.


We work in partnership with clubs or sponsors on all of the above through EL-EF SPORT. Just let us know your aims and we will point you in the right direction making sure all your wants and needs are met.

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